Mr & Mrs Sterling



” To be honest Danny was the first person to really sweep me off my feet.
Still to this very day he gives me butterflies in my tummy.
Every single day I can’t wait for him to get home just to see him still after almost 25 years.
I want to just eat him up. I love the way he holds me, he makes me feel so safe.
Like no one in the world could ever hurt me as long as he has his arms around me.
I love his brown eyes I could stare at them forever. He is truly my whole world.
He is the best father to our two amazing boys and that makes him even better and makes me love him more.
He tries to give them everything he didn’t have growing up. I love him for that.
He is truly a man that I will not let go of.
God blessed me and that I am thankful for.”
– Chanda Sterling




“I love the way she is silly and giggly when we play around.
I love the way she touches my arm while we are just sitting watching tv at times.
I love the way her hair is all over when we cuddle. I love the way she cares for our boys.
I love the way she cares about family. I love the way she takes up for our boys.
I love the way she asks for stuff and try to be cute about it.
I love the way she gets me little things and I don’t expect it.|
I love the way she looks forward to things and constantly bring it up.
I love the fact she wants to go away with me.
I love the way she loves me and makes me feel special.
I love when she is the first to laugh at my jokes when we are around other people.
I love you baby girl!”
– Danny Sterling




” After being with Danny all these years since I was 16, married almost 25 years,
the best advice I have for other couples is communication always.
You must communicate about everything. Talk every single thing out.
Never leave things alone. Make sure you work every thing out by talking through it.
Love each other always. Never put others first, only God.
Your spouse comes before anyone after our Lord.
Always be forgiving.
Make sure you always get one another’s back at all times.
Never leave or go to sleep without saying you love each other.
You never know if it will be your last second with each other.
Take one day at a time live one day at a time and have a blast while doing it.
Be in love with your eyes wide open’. “
– Chanda Sterling


I absolutely LOVED photographing this couple!
I love how after 25 years together they are still so in love!
It is so evident in these images that they’re love and bond is still so strong.

Thank you Chanda for allowing me to glam you up for the shoot.
You and Danny were absolutely amazing in front of the camera!
Not much posing at all, your love for each other was enough
and I was privileged to just capture it!
You are absolutely beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait for the next time I get to photograph you.
May God continue to bless your marriage!

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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

Hair and Make up by Kat Parker