EGGSxactly what we’ve BEAN waiting for!

It’s been such a bittersweet last few days!
Fall is slowly in the air which is super exciting, but I am also very sad that summer is almost over!
Having a little garden, planting, watering and weeding, especially harvesting our hard work has been so therapeutic.
Never would I have ever thought I would really enjoy getting my hands dirty.
My husband jokes and says I have a “weed” addiction, because I can literally spend hours weeding the garden and truly enjoy it!
This farm girl side of me is definitely new but so great!


This past weekend we were able to finally harvest our green beans.
We planted it a little bit late, but it grew so fast!
We were all so excited to pick them!

It had been a week since I had checked our chicken coop for eggs.
I was starting to think our chickens will forever be freeloaders.
Yesterday, I checked the nesting box and was so ecstatic to see NINE eggs just sitting in one of the 4 beds!
We assume two of the 3 hens are laying. Why they are only using one bed, I have no clue!

I had to resist collecting the eggs immediately because I wanted to wait till
my daughter got back from Pre K to surprise her.
She was rough with throwing the eggs in the basket, but we will work on her egg handling!

Due to her not so gentle egg handling, shaking and dropping of eggs, we ended up having to cook 3 of them immediately.
Ellie got to cook them nearly all by herself.
After a few minutes of frying, she chose chopsticks to taste her cooking!

The raising of backyard chickens, collecting and cooking your own eggs gives the biggest satisfaction!
I highly recommend dabbling in raising your own chickens and growing your own garden!
Even if it’s just a little one like ours.
It has been such a fun family project. These are memories we are making that will last forever.

I thank God everyday for this life!

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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo