My favorite kind of day



Memorial Day may have been a couple of months ago, so this is a late post.
We also lost 2 more chickens yesterday so I feel the need to share these last few images of them
since I have become a crazy chicken lady and I miss those pooping machines!



Our Memorial day started off with my husband cooking breakfast.
The backyard is our favorite spot in the house because of the vacation feel it gives,
so we had our breakfast on the backyard patio.
Seriously the best way to start your day!



With our crazy busy schedules, any time we get to spend at home is such a blessing!
We decided to try raising chickens again this year for eggs, and I have personally enjoyed it.
My 2 year old has also been enjoying having them,
so we have been encouraging her to help any chance she gets.
Yes, we’re at home and I dressed her oh so cute while she fed her chickens!
I’m a photographer, so why not?!
The farm girl theme is so adorable!



We didn’t have a baby pool then, so we attempted a bucket pool.
She loved the bubbles but was not impressed with the water itself.
Same thing, as a year ago! ( See Memorial Day 2016 )



I made the water warm so I don’t understand why she didn’t want to play in it.
Crazy kid!


Of course the best way to cheer anyone up is through their sweet tooth.
So ice cream it was for the half naked toddler!




Thank you to all the soldiers that continue to fight for this country
so we can have care free days like this!
You will forever be our hero!


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<3 Always,

*4th of July post coming soon!