Jay & Keisha


” Jay and I met online in early January 2015 and had our first date on January 22, 2015
at Jackson’s Bar & Bistro in Homewood, Alabama.
I was pretty weary of trying online dating but my friends talked me into it. I am so glad they did!
We had such good conversation that night and I loved how much an open book he was.
He seemed very genuine and treated me like a lady should be treated.
After our first date we continued to get to know one another,
developed a friendship and it has been an amazing journey since. “



“Jay proposed to me on March 31, 2017 at Jackson’s, the restaurant where we had our first date.
We just bought a new patio set for our house and started to put it together.
Our neighbors came over to help then invited us to dinner.
Jay insisted that we pass and said we were going to grab dinner
somewhere downtown just the two of us. ”



” We get to the restaurant and our waitress happens to be an old friend of mine I used to work with.
We were catching up and she asks the big question, “When are ya’ll getting engaged?”
I go on to tell her I hope it’s coming soon while giving Jay the “look”.
We all laughed about it then Jay and I enjoyed our dinner.
We talked about our first date and reminisced on all of the memories we have made since then.
The night was perfect.
Little did I know, Jay had my engagement ring in his back pocket. “



” As we were walking out of Jackson’s he asked
if I wanted to walk over to the fountain and make a wish.
I’m so surprised I didn’t pick up on that!
Being my usual self I declined because I wanted to get home and go to bed. (Jay calls me a granny). We get to the car and as he starts to open my door he closes it.
I turn to him and he starts explaining how much I mean to him
and then he got down on one knee and he pulled the ring out.
My heart started beating out of my chest once I knew what was happening! “



” Somewhere in the tears of joy and taking as much of the moment in as I could,
I said YES!
I remember looking up to the sky and thanking the Lord for Jay
and answering my prayers. ”
– Keisha Parker



” The thing I love most about Keisha is the way she loves and respects me. ”
– Jay Turner




” The thing I love most about Jay is how selfless his is.
Jay can light up a room with his smile and personality and never meets a stranger.
He has a big heart and I love that about him.
He has been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I’m so thankful for him and
the happiness he brings to my life. ”
– Keisha Parker


I only got to spend time with Jay and Keisha for a night,
but it was enough for me to know how great these two are together.
They were just so fun to be around and especially to photograph!
I really enjoyed capturing their love for one another!

Thank you Jay and Keisha for choosing me to capture this exciting new chapter
of your lives and for sharing your love story.
I hope and pray that you enjoy your engagement and may God bless your upcoming marriage!

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Make up by Kat Parker
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