Shelnutt Party of 4


” The best thing about being pregnant would definitely be
feeling the movement of life inside you.

Oh and not to mention not having to suck your gut in for 9 months! “



” I look forward to being a family of 4!
However with that being said I am nervous and a bit overwhelmed at the thought.
Because my youngest who just turned 5
has been the center of her mommy and daddy’s world for so long.
I don’t want her to feel like she’s not important to us anymore. “



” As my husband and I both know baby Lilah will need lots of one on one attention the first year or so.
So trying to mentally prepare myself on how I’m going to not sell her short has me a bit anxious.
But I can’t wait to adjust and start making memories with our expanding family!
I have been blessed to carry yet another child and for that I’ll forever be grateful! ”
– Kayla Shelnutt




What a perfect location for a beautiful family!
Little Kenley absolutely enjoyed the water, as you can tell with the pictures.
She was so ready to get in the river and mom and dad had a hard time getting her out.


Thank you Kayla for choosing me to capture your beautiful baby bump.
I am so thrilled that you are finally have your rainbow baby!
She will be here this Friday and I am so excited for you!
I’m praying that your surgery will go well and may God bless your family of four!

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