Murphree Wedding ~ Cullman, AL


” What greater thing is there for two human souls,
than to feel that they are joined for life — to strengthen each other in all labour,
to rest on each other in all sorrow,
to minister to each other in all pain,
to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting? ”
~ George Eliot


” I have two favorite parts of the wedding day.
Pre-wedding, it was our first look.

I knew she would look stunning, but what I saw brought me to the edge of tears.
That is a truly special moment and knowing that you will get to spend the rest of your life
with the beautiful woman standing in front of you is something you can’t really put into words.
During the wedding, I slightly jumped the gun on my “I do”.
I was both nervous and really excited,
but what made it my favorite part was that Kayti did the same thing about 10 seconds later.

It just made it special to me that we were that ready to be married and it was a great laugh mid-ceremony.”
– Patrick Murphree




” My favorite part of the wedding day was the reception.
All of our guests were family and close friends that have known us through all different stages of life.
It was humbling to have so many individuals attend our wedding and share that special day with us.

I was so present in what was actually going on.
I remember everything about the wedding, even all the events that led to the ceremony and reception.
I was so calm and didn’t forget to take in what was going on around me.
Sharing our special day with the people that mattered most to us as a couple, is something I will never forget.”
– Kayti Murphree



” My favorite part of being married so far is her cooking. Without a doubt.
I come from a family of great cooks so I have been spoiled with wonderful dishes all my life.
While my talents do not fall in a kitchen setting, Kayti’s definitely do.
We have had some wonderful meals and if I did not have her cooking up a storm for the both of us,
we would be back to my tried and true fall backs: chicken fingers, burgers, and frozen pizza.
Getting to see your best friend every day is pretty great too.”
– Patrick Murphree




” In the years to come as a married couple, I look forward to building an even stronger relationship.
Life isn’t perfect, but at the end of the day I married my best friend.
If we can remember to put God first and follow the examples He has set before us,
we have all we need to make it on this crazy journey.
No matter what happens, I look forward to growing together and conquering what life throws our way!”
– Kayti Murphree



I got to meet Patrick and Kayti for the first time at their engagement session.
From the VERY FIRST SHOT of the shoot, I knew they were going to be a fun couple!

Their wedding was absolutely perfect!
Their midnight blue wedding colors combined with the cream,peach and pink floral arrangements that decorated the alter and all the tables were a perfect choice for a beautiful and classy wedding!

Kayti had a wardrobe change at the reception by going sleeveless, changing her earrings and adding a
matching blingy necklace, aswell as taking off her veil and replacing it for a beautiful, sparkly hair piece!
The beautiful wedding details portrayed the classy lady the bride is!
She was absolutely stunning!

Thank you Patrick and Kayti for choosing me to capture the excitement of your engagement,
and now your Wedding day.
I am so honored to be a big part of it!
You are such a beautiful and wonderful couple!
I hope and pray that
God blesses your marriage and future together!

Thank you for reading!
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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo




Wedding venue – Loft 212

Bridal Gown – Something Blue Shoppe

Bridesmaids dresses – Alfred Sung

Men’s suits – Men’s Warehouse

Bride’s Cake – Delila Williams

Groom’s Cake – Jan Barnett

Catering – Diane Law

Florist – Tony Haynes, Cymbidium Studios

Violinist – Will Rainey

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