Waiting for Baby Lowe

” The most exciting part of this pregnancy was that he was a total surprise blessing!
Not thinking we could ever have our own baby,
then being surprised with him was so wonderful.

I love seeing him grow and feeling him wiggle around.
It’s also been really fun to get his room ready if I’m completely honest. “


” I’m really looking forward to watching the 3 of us grow together and learn from each other.
I’ve always loved children, and now getting to experience it from the parent side is so exciting for me.
I can hardly wait to see my husband as a father!”
– Brandie Lowe



Michael and Brandie are such a sweet couple!
I am beyond thrilled that their bundle of joy will be making an appearance next month ( hopefully no sooner or later!)
Just spending the morning of the shoot with them, I know they will be wonderful parents!

Thank you Michael and Brandie for choosing me to capture this special time of your life!
Every stage of pregnancy and parenthood should be cherished and captured and
I am so honored to be the one to freeze this moment in your life before it changes forever!
I am so excited for the two of you!
May God bless your soon to be family of 3!


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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

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