” After graduation I am going to the University of North Alabama.
I am uncertain about what career I am going to pursue.
While to some this may seem daunting,
I choose to see it as a wonderful opportunity!
My options are endless. ”




” I believe that God has a plan and I trust that He will lead me
to the path I am meant to go down. ”




” No matter what my life holds,
I plan to work constantly to shape myself into the person I am meant to be
so that I can be where I am meant to be in five years.”

-Sarah Mauldin


Sarah’s Senior session was a little different from most.
The whole family was there for some pictures too and the it was fun being around everyone for an hour. They are just the sweetest family!

Sarah is an absolutely gorgeous and talented lady!
I was so impressed that she can play several instruments and she can sing,
like really sing!
Absolutely impressive!
She just blows me away when I watch some of her performances on video!

Sarah congratulations for graduating high school!
You are an amazing woman and
I truly see God using you more and for greater things!
Thank you for choosing me to capture this stage of your life.

Keep up the good work and continue to glorify God
with the amazing talents He has given you!

Thank you for reading!
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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

*Here’s a fun video of the family!