” After high school, I plan on attending the University of North Alabama
to major in Music Education and Music Performance.
I have recently been admitted into the Pride of Dixie Marching Band,
so I will be marching for 4 years at UNA.”



” In 5 years, I can see myself graduating with my bachelors and
then finding a job as a band director and a professional flute player.
To also implement the strategies that I have learned from all my directors in my life,
to children from sixth grade to high school.”
– Briana Loomis



We had the perfect evening and location to capture this beauty.
I still am amazed with how long Briana’s natural eye lashes are! So gorgeous!

Briana was so great at her session!
I absolutely love the fact that she wanted to include her flute in the pictures.
It really depicted who she was. Her passion is in her music and I am so proud of her!

Briana thank you for choosing me to capture this bittersweet moment in your life.
I know you will love and enjoy college.
You were made to shine and I hope and pray that you reach all your goals and
God blesses you tremendously in your journey ahead!

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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

Make up by Kat Parker