Meet Cassie & Dylan!


“We met through our really good friends, Tyler and Cheyenne Crowe.
We started just hanging out with them and then started double dating.
From there he asked me to go on a date, just us.
He took me to Connors at Bridge Street on a Friday night last May and afterwards he asked me to be his girlfriend.”



“The proposal was so sweet! He had his sister take me to get my nails done.
After we got done she took me to Earth park in Hartselle.
He was standing at the gazebo. The gazebo was covered in lights.
He had roses, pictures of us and my favorite, cookie cake!
He also had our friends, Ally, Cheyenne, and Tyler there.
They were in bushes taking pictures. It was perfect!”
– Cassie Thomson


” I love that she is outgoing and I love her smile and laugh!”
-Dylan Forman



“What I love most about him is his heart, that sounds cliche,
but really he has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
He would do anything for anyone!
He also has this quirky personality that no one else has.”
– Cassie Thomson



Cassie and Dylan were so much fun to photograph!
They are just so real, easy going and were so funny when trying to
figure out how to dance and do the classic dip.
I am so excited about shooting their Fall Wedding!
I know it’s going to be a blast!

Thank you Cassie and Dylan for choosing me to capture your love
and for sharing your story!
I am looking forward to seeing you two again on your big day!


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