Spearmint in the air!


Spring gives the feeling of excitement, new beginnings and hope!
A lot of faith goes into growing a garden. When you plant a small seed,
all you can do is wait and have faith that God will let it grow.

Last night we saw our first corn sprouts! Such an exciting scene,
especially since our soil is very rocky and is just not the best!

Evenings outside with my little family are my favorite!
Every chance we can take advantage of pretty weather and the evening light,
we take it and soak it in!

Last night we not only had our new evening Spring routine of feeding the chickens, taking care of the garden,
and collecting rocks for the stream, we also decided to clear the land by the water !

Some of the clearing required my husband to mow the slopes beside the stream
but because the danger of flipping over could happen, Ellie couldn’t ride the “Lawn Tractor”.
A few tears were shed and a lot of chasing after a toddler
who is chasing after her daddy who is on the mower also happened.

We finally decided to play at the tree house and watch the mowing from up there.

My husband worked hard on clearing the area around the stream!
It’s amazing how small it actually was compared to what we had assumed was underneath all the growth!

The best part of our evening, was discovering a cute little waterfall!
Of course Ellie had to touch it!

We have a field of spearmint growing by the water and as we cleared them out, the aroma of spearmint filled the air!
My husband described the smell is like he had stepped on a pack of spearmint gum.

We picked a handful to put in the bathroom and Ellie decided she needed to pose beside it!

I love that we can all work hard at the backyard and enjoy ourselves at the same time!
These nights spent outside with the family is what I want my child to remember when she looks back to her childhood!
I want her to remember the smell of spring at home, which right now is mostly freshly mowed grass and spearmint.
These are the evenings I will cherish forever and I hope my daughter will too!

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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo