Mommy & Me


Capturing your ever growing children in every stage is important
because they will never look like that again.
They will never be that same child again.
They will continue to grow and continue to change as they live another year.
Who they are in the present, is worth capturing so you can cherish it forever.


I am also a huge believer in taking photographs WITH your children.
As they grow,  you do too.
As it is important for you to capture their life, for you to cherish –
it is also important for them to have memories captured of their time together with you.
You don’t know how long God will give you with those you love here on earth.
You may not feel pretty enough or skinny enough to be photographed, but I promise you,
your child will not care about any of that.
They will want to remember your love for them and be able to see it through a frozen memory that will last a lifetime.

You may not care about photographing your family as much as possible,
but I urge you to make it a priority atleast once a year.
With mother’s day coming up, gift yourself moments captured with your children!

You will never regret the moments you capture,
you will only regret the ones you didn’t.

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