Meet Beth and Nic!


” We met about 3 years ago. We both were with other people at the time.
I thought he was a cutie the first time I saw him. He thought I was gorgeous.
I found him on Facebook back in July and sent him a friends request.
He started messaging me the next day, just catching up on each others lives.
We agreed to hangout and there was a lot of chemistry between us.
After that day we were pretty much inseparable.”




” I had just gotten off work and was walking out to my car.
There was a rose, a teddy bear and a pink poster board that said
‘ Beth will you marry me?
..if so come behind the car.’
I walked to the back of the car and saw him down on one knee with my beautiful ring shining up at me,
and he asked, ” Beth will you marry me?”
I said “YES” as I was crying!
Then I asked him why he wanted to marry me, and he said so I can kiss you anytime I want.
Then we kissed! “

– Beth Baker



” What I love most about Beth is that she is so sweet.
I love her eyes and the way she looks at me.
I love everything about her!”
– Nicholas Jenkins


” What I love most about Nick is that he is my best friend.
He always knows how to make me laugh when I’m having a bad day.
He is so wonderful to my kids and that means the world to me!
– Beth Baker

Beth and Nic were so much fun to shoot! They’re both so laid back and are just up for anything!
I am beyond excited about these two getting engaged!
I have known Beth for a long time and she is such a wonderful mother and a strong, beautiful soul.
She deserves to be happy and I am so glad Nic has come into her life!

Thank you Beth and Nic for sharing your love story!
May God bless your beautiful family and your future together!

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<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo


Hair & Make up: KatParker
Styled by: KatParker