Mardis Wedding – Gadsden, AL


“I was in the checkout line at Walmart and Jackie was standing in line behind me. He asked me to hand him a magazine from beside me and I said, “okay”. He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t really want the magazine, he was just trying to strike up the nerve to talk to me! So,we stood there for what felt like hours talking, even though it was only 30 minutes. We exchanged phone numbers and the next morning, we started texting and talking and never stopped!”


“We have been together awhile and have two handsome boys together.
While I was pregnant with my first son, he absolutely shocked me by asking me to marry him while we were standing by a carousel! He was fine all day, not nervous at all, but as soon as we got to the carousel, he instantly got so nervous! He was shaking a little bit (he will never admit that one, lol) and I could tell something was up! Next thing I know, he was down on one knee in front of several people in the mall, along with my family! It was the best surprise ever!
I was speechless and almost couldn’t say “YES”, but I did lol!”
– Samantha Mardis



“My favorite part of the wedding day was our first look!
She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and it was so special, I cried!
I relive that moment in my head every single day! “
– Jackie Mardis



” My favorite part of the wedding day was our first look, and also was the moment we were pronounced husband and wife! I have been waiting on that moment for 8 years ( we have been together THAT long! )! I loved looking in his eyes as we said our vows and kissing him, as my husband for the very first time!!! The dancing was fun as well! One more favorite part of my wedding day was my older kids’ dance at the beginning of the reception!! They are such amazing dancers and when they “whip and nae nae-ed, it was awesome and it was priceless!”
– Samantha Mardis


“What I love most about Jackie is that he always knows how to make every situation better! He is extremely caring and very funny, but I love that he always knows what to say to make things better!! He is my rock and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!”
– Samantha Mardis



What I love the most about Samantha is her heart! I love the way that she cares about everyone she loves and even the people she doesn’t know! She can see someone and not see the bad in them, she always sees the good. She always turns every day into the best day by the way she smiles and by the way she greet the kids every morning!
She is the most loving and caring person that I have ever met!”
– Jackie Mardis



I cannot express how much I loved capturing these two!
Their love and adoration for each other was just so visible on their wedding day
and in their images! I hardly had to pose these two because they would just automatically
hold each other tight and be sweet with one another! A photographer’s dream couple!

Samantha did such a great job with planning her wedding day!
The venue was perfect and the details were just beautiful!
I love how this country girl decided to glam up on her wedding!
She looked absolutely stunning in that dress!

Thank you Samantha and Jackie for choosing me to capture your love!
You two were just so sweet and I highly enjoyed your day!
You had such a beautiful and fun wedding and I am so honored to be a part of it!
May God bless your marriage and your gorgeous family!


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KatParker xoxo



Venue – Gadsden Country Club
Wedding Dress – Bella’s Bridal and Formal
Tuxes – Men’s Warehouse
Bride’s Cake – Posh Cake Design
Groom’s Cake – Rosanna Lancaster
Catering – Gadsden Country Club
Hair and Make up – Maggi Wasilewski
Florist – Benny Campbell, Attalla Florist
DJ – Nerdy Boy Productions