The Taylors

” We met in 2010 on New Year’s Day.
Neither one of us had planned on going out that night, but our friends dragged us to a small get together.
I remember being instantly attracted to his charismatic personality and sense of humor.
After some coaxing by his friends to come talk to me, he got up the nerve to introduce himself.
We exchanged numbers before leaving that night and have been inseparable ever since.
We got married in September of 2013. “


” In 2017 we look forward to starting a family! 
We planned for these pictures to be our last family photos before having a baby.”



” Our advice to couples would be to always communicate.
I know it sounds cliche, but you’re going to go through your ups and downs
and it’s imperative that you’re able to still talk to each other when things get tough. ”
– Amanda Taylor


Thank you Kelsey and Amanda for choosing me to capture and share a little bit of your story!
I love how in 3 days, it will be the anniversary of your first meeting; 7 years ago where it all began!
You two are seriously a beautiful couple and I absolutely love your whole session!
Your fur baby was so well behaved and did great in front of the camera!
May God bless your family and may 2017 be the best year yet!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo