Meet Allison and Dustin!


” Our engagement story isn’t one of those grand romantic stories that happened in a far away exotic place; however, our story is one that takes place with people we love and at one of our favorite places to be… Lake Guntersville.”


” Dustin and I grew up attending the same school. We always had been friends and would talk and text one another. January 2011 our 10th grade year, Dustin decided to ask me to hang out. We hung out that weekend and every weekend since. We dated all through high school and have been together ever since. “



” We are best friends and love to do the same things. In the summer, we are usually on the lake and camping. In the winter, you can find us with our friends riding our Razor. We also love to go to the beach and the Smokey Mountains. Everyone always ask “how did Dustin propose?” The first time someone asked me that I said, “he said will you marry me, and we were at the campground”. That’s when I realized everyone wanted a good story – our engagement story.”



” My birthday is July 2nd. On July 1, 2016 we decided to go out to eat for my birthday. My parents were at the campground at Lake Guntersville, and unbeknownst to me, Dustin called my mom to have her make up an excuse so we could stop by. When we got there, he went into the camper and stayed for a good 30 minutes. My mom told me later that he was a nervous wreck and was trying to calm his nerves down in the camper. I guess he got his nerves in check the best he could because he finally came outside.”



” My brother was there and asked Dustin where he had to go on his business trip that week. He was still so nervous he said Montana. That is not where he went at all, and he’s never even been to Montana. After talking for a while we decided we better leave to eat. As we got up Dustin asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of us. I know I looked at him like he had sprouted another head because he absolutely despises taking pictures. Me on the other hand thinks we have to have our picture made for every little occasion and then some.”



” My mom pops right up and announces she will take our picture.
As we are having pictures made, Dustin drops down on one knee and said, “will you marry me?”
I wish I could say I looked stunning in the pictures when he asked, but sadly I can’t say that.
I was crying so hard. Tears of joy – that my eyes were red and I am not a pretty crier. I cried so hard that I forgot to answer him and he had to finally say, “ well, will you?”
Of course I said “YES” and he placed the most beautiful ring on my finger that I have ever laid my eyes on! “



” So, for the last 6 years my best friend and the man of my dreams and I have been creating memories. I cannot wait to create more memories to add to our story! ” – Allison Pendergrass



I absolutely loved the fact that Allison and Dustin were up for a styled shoot at the river! We started off with hair and makeup at my home, and going through pretty much a whole wardrobe of clothes that Allison brought plus my client wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. It was kind of a funny scene with all the mounds of clothes. It made for a memorable day! This beautiful couple totally rocked their engagement session! It was a perfect day and location for their shoot. I can’t wait till their May wedding! I know it’s going to be beautiful!
Thank you Allison for choosing me to capture you love and for sharing your story!

Thanks for reading!

<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

Hair &  Make up by : KatParker