Meet Melissa and Cameron!

” Cameron and I met our freshman year at Wallace in a calculus class. He sat beside me every class. After a class he missed, I leaned over and tried to help him; he just smiled and nodded. Later, I learned he really had no idea what I was saying and was planning to drop the next test. We became friends, but didn’t start dating until three years later. “

” We have been together for four and a half years. When we first started dating we never realized the exact date that we were “official”.

I met Cameron’s family at the beach on July 3rd and Symon (Cameron’s nephew 7 at the time) sat down next to me and said, “you’re Cam’s girlfriend right?” “Yah, you’re Cameron’s girlfriend.” We just laughed and we picked that day as our official day.


” Cameron proposed to me on September 15th, the day we closed on our first house. We closed early in the morning and were planning on spending the day deep cleaning the house and moving all of our small boxes. When we got to the house I immediately started to get everything ready to clean the cabinets and put liners down in the drawers. Meanwhile, Cameron went out the back door. “



” He yelled for me to come check out the backyard. I was completely confused on why he wanted me to come outside, we had been there two hours ago for the final walk through and nothing looked off or unexpected. I set all of my stuff down and went outside. “



” Cameron was down on one knee holding a ring with shaking hands. He asked me to marry him and I immediately said YES! “



” The thing I love the most about Cameron is how big his heart is. Cameron is without a doubt the kindest most loving man in the world. Having Cameron in my life makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. ” – Melissa Ward



” The thing I love most about Melissa is how caring she is. Melissa goes out of her way to help those in need and having her in my life means everything to me. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.” – Cameron Howell

Melissa and Cameron are my bride and groom for March 2017!
I have known Cameron’s family for a few years now so I know for a fact that their wedding is going to be a blast!
This couple was seriously the cutest at their session! They talked about how awkward they are in front of the camera, but they were the complete opposite! They are very photogenic and complete naturals in front of the camera! You can tell these two just adore each other!
The very next day after their engagement session, I got to take their Christmas pictures with their fur babies. (Click here for the Christmas pictures)

Thank you Melissa and Cameron for sharing your love story! I can’t wait to capture your Wedding day!



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