Porter Wedding ~ Cullman, AL



” Lord, you know I need specifics, no gray, no middle-black or white, or left or right. Make your will known to me. Place the man you have for me RIGHT in FRONT of me. ” – Sharon Porter




” January 18, 2015 –  Emmanuel Baptist Church in Athens, Alabama was celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The preachers, worship leaders, former members, and current members were coming together to have a day of fellowship and share memories of days gone by. I lived in Madison and was a member elsewhere, but my mom, Shirley Peek, was still a very active member. She had mentioned it a few times and really wanted me to attend. I told her I would be there. Steven had recently accepted the Band Director, Choir and Music teacher position at Hanceville High School and had relocated. His mom and dad are also active members of Emmanuel and had spoken to Steven about the Anniversary Celebration. He agreed to go. There was a full day of festivities planned – preaching, singing, presentations, and of course food, LOTS of food! The crowd heads over to the Christian Life Center to eat and catch up. Tables were set up in long rows with chairs facing one another.”




“I went down the buffet line, filled my plate and saw Don Porter (Steven’s dad) at the drink table. Hugged him, exchanged how are yous and continued on to my chair. Mom had sat down and I sat next to her. Helen Porter (Steven’s mom) was sitting across from her. The chair in front of me was empty. A mutual friend of mine and Steven’s (Lynn Mitchell) sat one seat down.

Within about 5 minutes, Steven appears and takes the seat RIGHT in FRONT of me! He sits down with his coffee and introduces himself.

Steven Porter? Wait you are Don and Helen’s son? How have our paths never crossed? Same home church, same high school, even some of the same friends. God knows the plan He has for us. “



” We talked for 30 – 45 minutes and reconvened to the sanctuary for the next session. After it was over, I found my mom cleaning the CLC and asked her what all she knew about Steven. She said he was a good man and the women in her former Sunday School class had prayed for him for a long time. Just like they had prayed for me. I then said, I will give him a week to contact me otherwise I am calling Helen to get his number. Of course my mom had a fit! If a man wants to talk to you, he will contact you. I had a Facebook message from Steven before I got back home. We talked for a couple of hours. He asked me out and the rest is history. ”
– Sharon Porter




” My favorite part of the wedding was singing my bride down the aisle. I had come up with a great little riff 10 years ago. It was bouncy, with a New Orleans shuffle feel. Loved playing. Didn’t know what to do with it until I met Sharon. I wanted “the walk” to be different, to be remembered. It was:

“”“ Well, met about year ago, ‘n have to say

That I can’t think of a better way

To show you what you mean to me,

So I came up with a lil’ melody

Ya gotta know I love you with all that I am

And it makes me wanna be a better man

To dance with you in the Rock-n-Rollin’ world

Ohhh, God had a part in puttin’ us together

We’ll sing and dance through the stormy weather.

Baby, it’s me and you

Ya know there’s no plan B,

All’s left is I do’s.

Team Porter gonna rock the rest of our Life. “””

-Steven Porter





” My favorite part of the wedding was when we said our personal vows. The words spoken that day came from our heart. They represented our past, present and future. Even though we wrote them separately, we had a few things that were the same. I love that our focus was on our heavenly Father and His guidelines and instructions for a Christian marriage. ” – Sharon Porter





” We had taken a trip to Gulf Shores for vacation and for a Music Conference. His cousins, Terry and Vickie Holt, had their RV at the State Park. They went back to Mt. Vernon and let us stay in the RV for the rest of the week. It was June 22, 2015, a beautiful night with the sky full of stars and us just enjoying one another’s company. Our conversation turned toward marriage. Steven turned to look at me and said, ”Will you be my wife?” and I didn’t even hesitate!! I said YES!! It was perfect! ”
– Sharon Porter




” What I love about Sharon – We fit. Our lives, personalities, beliefs. As we surrender daily to the One that has given Life and redemption, we will continue to fit together, singing and dancing through ALL kinds of weather. ” – Steven Porter




” Something I absolutely love about Steven is the way he balances me. I am your typical Type A, OCD, neat freak…he is the creative, laid back, it doesn’t matter if the labels are all facing the same way or not kind of guy! He reminds me to breathe and I remind him to manage his time! LOL!”
– Sharon Porter





It was an honor to be a big part of this wedding! This was truly the most fun wedding I have ever experienced! I never knew Sharon or Steven personally before the Wedding consultation, but I know alot of Steven’s music students and their wedding guests.

The ceremony was definitely one that I will never forget! First wedding I’ve attended that was LIVE on Facebook, and also where the groom sang as his beautiful bride danced down the aisle to the music. Everyone who was a part of the music did an amazing job! This wedding had so many talented people that made the ceremony and reception extra unique and special!




The Reception was not your typical and average reception. It was like a private concert with dancing and several talented people taking turns singing and playing their instruments! Terri Pines made a perfect location for the 1920’s themed Wedding! I loved seeing some of the guests dressed to the theme. Everything was just so beautiful and everyone had a blast!


Thank you Mr and Mrs Porter for choosing me to capture your big day and sharing your awesome love story! I have already shared your story to so many! I’m so glad God has crossed our paths!
May God bless your marriage and family!




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Ceremony Venue – First United Methodist, Hanceville, AL
Reception Venue – Terri Pines Country Club, Cullman, AL
Catering – C & A Catering and Shirley Peek
Cakes – Judy Dinkle
Brides Dress –  Sweet Melissa Couture
Bridesmaids and flower girl dresses – David’s Bridal.
Tuxedos – Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers – Hobby Lobby
Rings –  Kay Jewelers
Hair – Ashley Black
Make-up – Hannah Nguyen
” My mom, Shirley Peek, pretty much did everything from all the decorations for the ceremony at Hanceville First United Methodist Church to the decorations at Terri Pines Country Club for the reception. When I shared with her that I wanted a 1920’s themed wedding and reception and that I wanted everyone to dress the part, she was a little skeptical. But in the end she pulled it off and everyone said it was the most fun wedding/reception they had ever attended. ” – Sharon