Sisterly love


” We are all 3 so different. I’m very earthy, Bekah is more alternative and then Kami is the sassy cheerleader. But we have a strong connection. And to be so different they are my absolute best friends. I can’t remember life without them or imagine it. ”

– Beth Samples


{ Beth }


{ Bekah }

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{ Kami }

sisters5-2 sisters6-2

[  Sisters by birth ~ Friends by choice  ]

sisters10-2 sisters11-2

I had a blast with these sisters! I hate that the weather was yucky and it got dark on us so fast, but we made the best of the shoot! These beautiful souls are so photogenic and despite their big age gaps, their sisterly bond is definitely something to be envied! Thank you ladies for choosing me to capture your sisterly love and friendship!

  sisters13-2sisters12-2 sisters15-2sisters14-2 sisters16-2

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