Tyree Wedding ~ Hartselle, AL



” Our wedding day started out with me missing the exit and not realizing it for about 15 minutes and a snake in front of the church! But it all turned out perfect in the end! My mom and aunt worked so hard decorating for the reception and helping me plan. Quail creek was great about helping plan and working with us to make sure everything was how we wanted it. ”


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” We wish my sister and her husband could have made it but she was in the hospital after having her first baby so she had a pretty good excuse! But with FaceTime and Kat we were still able to make her part of our big day. We enjoyed every detail of our wedding and none of it could have been possible without my parents and the help of family and friends. “

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” My favorite part about the wedding was the reception. The food and cakes were so good and everybody just cut loose and had a good time. It was a lot of fun for everyone! “


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“As a married couple we look forward to growing together, traveling, and some day
(no time soon) having a family.” – Kalyn Tyree


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This wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Levi and Kalyn are such a sweet and photogenic couple! They wanted their wedding to be a 1920’s theme and they absolutely rocked it! The reception was beautifully decorated with teapots and pearls, that gave a classy and vintage feel.
They even had props for the guests to wear and to make them feel like they stepped back into the 1920’s.
Quail Creek was the perfect location for this beautiful wedding!

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Thank your Kalyn and Levi for trusting me to capture your Big day!
It was such a perfect wedding and I am so grateful to be a big part of it!
I had such a blast riding around in a golf cart and taking your pictures!
I am so in love with all your images!
Thanks again for choosing me to capture your love! May God bless your future and marriage!




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Venue – Quail creek

Food and cakes – Quail creek

Flowers – Quail creek

Videographer – Ben Whitley

DJ – Ray Chetham

Grooms table design – Kim Kilpatrick and Jo Dollar

Reception decoration – Lori Spain and Michelle Bishop

Director – Michelle Bishop

Hair – DeeDee Cooper

Make up – Taylor Robinson

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