Romero Party of 4



I have been photographing this gorgeous and very photogenic family since Mia was only 2 years old! So I am absolutely thrilled for them as their little family of 3 will be expanding to a party of 4! Mia has been telling everyone for months that she is having a baby sister, even before her mama was even pregnant! She is definitely ready to be a big sister! Every time I watch their announcement video I can’t help but grin so big! And I bet it will be hard for anyone else who watches it not to smile either, especially the part where Mia announces it! It’s absolutely the cutest!



” Big sister can’t be anymore happy about the new baby! It doesn’t surprise me for the last couple of years she has been asking for a brother or sister. Actually She wants a sister but she knows that she can’t choose.”




“Nothing makes me more happy than seeing her excitement and love for this baby. She asks everyday, ‘ Mom is the baby coming yet? ‘ She sings to my belly, kisses my belly, I know she will be a great sister.”



” We all are so happy about growing our lil’ family. God had the perfect timing! After 5 years everything feels so new again, makes me so nervous. I couldn’t  imagine loving anything as much as I love my first one but when I heard that heart beat for the first time, I realized how much I already love this baby and just as much as I love my first one and we haven’t met yet. We can’t wait to meet this new bundle of joy! ” – Miriam Romero


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