The Crow Family


I love this family and I enjoyed capturing their life! It was a hot evening but the little boys did so great at their session! Baby boy number 3 decided to make an appearance before I got to finish editing these images. Now that they are a family of 5, and the parent’s are completely outnumbered by children, I can’t’ imagine how much their life has changed! Here are a few thoughts from the lovely Momma of 3.


“Harris- He is my little buddy. He loves to cuddle and loves being my helper.
He is the oldest and just getting bigger and wiser everyday!”



“Hank- Has such a gentle heart. He is always making sure everyone has something whether it be a snack or a toy.
He is also typical toddler and into everything!!!”


“Hogan- well he is brand new! Right now he just loves to be with mommy.”


 “So far the transition from 2 to 3 children is much less difficult than from 1 to 2. Harris is such a big helper and helps to play and keep Hank occupied if I need to tend to Hogan. Of course there are moments when all 3 need me at once, but Wesley is so helpful at those times. I’m very blessed with such a loving, devoted husband who is willing to help with anything and is so involved in the boys’ lives.”


“The big brothers adore Hogan. Harris wants to help button clothes, change diapers, and anything else. Hank loves to help Hogan try to nurse! No jealousy issues so far and hope it stays that way!”


“I went into labor at 37 weeks with Hogan and we were totally unprepared. Everyone around us pulled together and helped us during the birth and the days afterward. I always thought everything had to be perfectly in place before you could have a new baby in your home, but maybe God brought Hogan early to show me that sometimes the stress isn’t worth it and everything just comes together!” –  Maddie Crow


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