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When a baby is born, a father is born. Fathers are just as important as mothers when it comes to raising children. A father’s role is to be that example a son needs to know how to be the man he needs to be and a daughter should see his father as the standard against which she will judge all men. Fatherhood is a God given role that is not for the faint-hearted !

A few father’s that I have photographed in the past were able to share with me what fatherhood means to them and also some funny stories they have as a dad.

Thank you guys for sharing your story!


“Fatherhood to me is about leadership and responsibility. All of a sudden, you have this beautiful human being that is looking to you for guidance and protection. They watch your every move and study everything you do. Being a father makes me want to be a better person. It makes me want to be the man that she thinks I am. Fearless, smart, loving – all those things. ” – Jeffrey Parker

Valentine Mini-22

“Ava and I were playing around one afternoon, so I came up with the “Daddy Workout.” We were both in the floor and I would do some push ups and then she would copy me. Well after the push-ups were over with I decided it was time for some sit-ups. That was a bad idea because at this time Ava had had enough with the “Daddy Workout.” So as I am lying on the floor doing sit-ups she goes over to her toy box and grabs a bucket and walks over to my head and then drops it right on my forehead and then starts laughing! So that’s how I knew the “Daddy Workout” was over! “

“Fatherhood to me means doing anything and everything for your children, making sacrifices just for them. It means if your daughter wants to paint your toenails then you better let her. Fatherhood is one of the best things to ever happen to me. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning and what gets me through the day. Just knowing I have a little girl to come home to is the greatest feeling ever. Fatherhood is comforting your child when she needs you and doing everything you can to keep that beautiful little smile on her face! Fatherhood is coming home from a long day at work and hearing little feet running as fast as they can to get to you! Fatherhood means everything to me. I love you Ava Rae Sivley.” -Dustin Sivley


“Being a dad is a roller coaster of emotions. Love when your child gives you a big hug, anger when he follows it with a smack to the face, pride when you see him achieve a new goal, responsibility to teach them right from wrong, fear as they begin to become more independent. Being a father is the best thing to ever happen for me and every day is a new adventure!” – Brian Parker MD


“It’s going to be hard for me to paint this picture with words…. but my daughter, Frankie, is firmly approaching two years old at the time of this story. She has a vocabulary that is amazing for her age and a motor mouth to deliver it once she warms up to you. We are at my parents house on a spring day just taking a break and visiting on the porch. They keep a stainless steel bowl of water on their porch for the dogs and cats to drink from. Frankie is playing with the dogs, dancing around, hopping being her typical self. We were laughing giving her the audience and attention she was craving. She had slowly progressed closer and closer to the bowl of water to the point she was standing directly in front of it. She’s wearing her usual attire she loves being a t-shirt, shorts and pink rubber boots (for muddy puddles). This is where it turned hilarious. Frankie takes a step backwards and realizes the bowl is there but it’s too late. She plops bottom first into this bowl of water which could not be any more perfect size for little bottom and it’s just tall enough she couldn’t get out (those pink rubber boots half way up her leg wasn’t helping her)… her facial expression goes from fun, to fear, to panic in a course of 30 seconds. We were all dying laughing except for Frankie who has now progressed to embarrassment. It was definitely one of those “wished I would have been recording” moments we have as parents.”

“To me being a dad to my daughter means being able to be that example of a man she needs in her life. The one that’s very similar to the man I have to be for my wife that picks her up when she’s down, comforts her, gives a helping hand, protects her from harm and also prepare her for the mixed up world we live in today it.” – Adam Lamar


” Fatherhood mean unconditional love. No matter what your child breaks or what your child does, you love them anyway. Just as the father loved his prodigal son in Luke 15:11-24″ – Dusty Pinkard


“I think one of the my funniest memories is of the time I took my son fishing. Both of my kids love to go with me but this day I thought it would be a father son day. So we went fishing to our pond across the road from my house I set up Knox’s fishing pole as I normally would and cast it out so he wouldn’t scream while I was baiting my hook. During all of this I seen a bass jump out of the water out of the corner of my eye and thought wow that was nice, probably about 2 seconds later I seen my sons line being tugged on and he’s screaming daddy help. I helped him reel it in and low and behold it was the bass I had seen (I think). We got it to the edge of the water and he seen it and immediately started screaming no daddy no. Needless to say he didn’t hold the fish. Just a little fun story of a memory that will last forever. Like brad Paisley says “I live for little moments like this.”

“What fatherhood means to me is almost impossible to put into words , but it’s the little things that makes me the happiest whether it be Tynzlee ( my youngest ) running to me when I get home from work, or Knox ( my middle child) wanting to ride the lawn mower with me, or Paizlee ( my oldest) drawing me a picture and wanting me to watch a movie with her. It’s the deepest of all love a love that u feel even before the child is here. Being a father is the biggest blessing the good Lord could have ever given me.” – Zach Armstrong

“About a year ago I was rehearsing music for a small gig I was playing that coming up weekend, as I hit the first riff of sweet home Alabama, 2 year old Kensley Tyler chimes in with ” big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin”, as she was flipping her hair with one hand and holding a mic with the other. You just never know how much a child pays attention till they hit you with a line of a sSkynyrd song! I love being a father and I’m lucky enough that I will be getting the privilege to be a father to not one but two in just 20 days or so. Being a good daddy isn’t about how much money you spend or what kind of toys you buy, but the time spent and the memories made. I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world but I would give them the world in a heartbeat.”
– Johnathan Ralph


“I made sure to put the car seat in the car in advance to be ready for my little man to get here. We went over how to take it in and out and made sure it was all perfectly assembled for him so he would be safe. We were ready! When the time came to bring him home from the hospital I went down to get his car seat to get him strapped in and ready while Katelyn got him dressed. I got to the car and couldn’t get it to disconnect from the base. After I kept trying, I decided to go back into the hospital and ask what was going on. They were all ready and waiting on me. I had to go back and try again, finally I got it out the second time, I was so excited to bring him home that I had completely forgot what we had practiced. It gave us a good laugh.”

“To me Fatherhood means being a role model for my son and making sure he knows I’ll always be there for him in any situation. It also means being a teacher, his number 1 fan and his best friend.” – Aaron Green


“Maggie loves music. She loves to dance and sing. She is all the time grabbing my hand and saying, “C’mon, dance daddy!” We dance all around the house at least once a day. One night we were dancing and Katie started videoing us. Of course, usually when Maggie sees one of us pull out the camera she freezes, but that night was different. She just kept twirling around holding my fingers, keeping her eyes locked on mine and her little smile was from ear to ear. That will always be one of my favorite memories of us that I will never forget.”

“The day we found out we were having a little girl, I immediately got nervous. Thoughts began running through my mind like: what will I do with a girl, what if I have nothing in common with her, what if she doesn’t like me. I never, ever knew I’d be able to love a little girl as much as I love Maggie. I think my heart skips a beat every time her big eyes look at me and she says, “I Nun (Love) You, Daddy!” I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be her dad while we are on this earth. She has made me a better person, a better husband to her mom and most importantly a better Christian. I am so blessed to be able to call her my little girl.” – Tyler Rutledge


“The best part of every day is that I get to be both a husband and a father. My eyes still light up when I see Caroline and my heart smiles when I see Robert Hayes and Mary Elliott. I truly am a man blessed with family” – Congressman Robert Aderholt


{ Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a DAD! }

Happy Father’s Day to all Father figures out there! You may think that you are nothing special in this world, but to your children, you are their world!

For those who don’t have a father figure in your life right now, remember the Heavenly Father LOVES you and wants a relationship with you! He is the greatest example of a loving Father we will ever have!

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! ” –1 John 3:1



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