Our Memorial Day


This year for Memorial day, we kept it pretty low key, mainly because we just didn’t make any plans. As much as I love that my husband has a day off, I do kind of feel strange that it’s a day where everyone has a good time at the beach or lake when it’s truly about remembering those who have lost their lives fighting for this country. As great as it is to have a fun weekend, I don’t ever want to forget why we have this holiday. I have lived in the United States of America for 9 years now and I have truly fallen in love with this country! I have so much respect for the military and their families and what they do to keep this country safe! Serving your country is truly a selfless act! So thank you to all those who have served and are currently serving!


Our memorial day started with my husband doing his insanity work out at 7:00am and I working on the computer with my daughter on my lap. I wanted to get some work done so my husband took my daughter with him to waffle house for breakfast with a friend after his work out. Our fun day continued to one of our favorite stores to buy some groceries and snacks for our upcoming youth camp. We had our lunch at Sam’s Store and then took the 45 minutes drive home. We all have not been feeling 100% health wise for the last week so after our shopping trip, we were all exhausted!
We all ended up having a nap until 6:30pm!


After we finally forced ourselves to get up and move, I decided to set up a ‘pool’ for Ellie. I wanted to take some cute photos! unfortunately she was not up for it! She wanted to play with the bubbles but refused to get in the metal tub!
Maybe we can try it again another day!

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Since the metal tub shoot was a total fail, we decided to go and water the garden. I showed my daughter how to use the water hose for the first time. She had a blast! I love that she is growing up to know what it’s like to grow your own food! That’s something all children should experience so they can truly appreciate the hard working farmers who keep the country fed!

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We finally sat down to eat at 8:15pm! It had been an extremely hot day all day, so by the time we had dinner you can feel the temperature cooling down. We had a perfect night eating our charcoal grilled beef burgers with freshly picked lettuce, pork ribs, avocado fries, bread covered with garlic butter and cheese and caramelized sweet potatoes. Most of our outdoor string lights were out from 2 years of use but we still had a beautiful ambience with the help of a candle and kerosene lamp. It was a perfect, relaxing night with just the three of us!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial day weekend! Please keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers every day! God bless!

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