The Smiths


“It’s hard to believe we have already been married a year. Everyone told us the first year would be the hardest, and if that’s the case then good because our first year has been a breeze. Living and being together everyday and night has came so natural.
I believe a lot has to do with the fact we dated for 5 years before marrying.
I also believe the key to our marriage is that we both have a solid relationship with Christ.
When you put Christ first everything else seems to fall into place. Of course we have our silly arguments but we are very open with one another and always talk about whatever might be bothering us instead of letting it build up inside.”


“We also had a lot people tell us not to get a dog our first year of marriage… And boy are both glad we didn’t listen to that. Harley has brought us so much joy! She has been the first thing that we really had shared responsibility with. Having a puppy also helps keep that baby fever from coming too soon.” – Felisha Smith


I have been fortunate to photograph Jeff and Felisha’s engagement session, Wedding, and now their 1 year wedding anniversary pictures! I can photograph these two all day! They are always so much fun and as you can see for yourself, they are super photogenic! I am absolutely inlove with this whole session! If I were to choose how everyone dressed, I would choose a boho chic style. It definitely suited Felisha! I enjoyed this shoot so much that I even asked to photograph some of her by herself ( PICS TO COME SOON!).

Smith-8 Smith-7Smith-9Smith-10

Favorite Date Night

“Our favorite date night is pretty simple… We order our favorite Mexican food to go, then come home and eat in it our pjs! I don’t know why Mexican food in pjs taste so much better than in the actual restaurant but to us it does. God has truly been good to us and we look forward to many more happy years together.” – Felisha Smith

Smith-11 Smith-12Smith-13Smith-15Smith-4Smith-17Smith-5

This session is definitely in my top 10 favorites! Thanks Jeff and Felisha for choosing me to capture another milestone in your life! I can’t wait to capture more of them in the future!

Mr & Mrs Smith – 1 year and counting from Kat Parker on Vimeo.

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