McSwain Wedding – Cullman, AL


 Kaleb and Mariah’s wedding was my first spring Wedding of the season! It was absolutely beautiful! I asked Mariah a few stories to share of how they met and got engaged! This couple is so cute! I hope you enjoy their story as I did!

How did you meet?
“We met for the first time when I started working at his parent’s pharmacy in February of 2010. I was going to WSCC with the Fast Track Academy for the Pharmacy Technician program, and that is the pharmacy I had to go to for my clinicals. When we first met I was scared to talk to him. I thought he was so cute, but had a boyfriend at the time so I did not really think anything of it. A few weeks later my boyfriend at the time and I broke up. My clinicals were fixing to be over, but luckily for me someone that already worked there was about to have a baby and they needed someone to work. That is when I officially got hired. I had worked there for a few months and Prom was just around the corner. I did not have a date so “Why not ask the cute coworker?” I thought. Well I did and he declined. I was devastated. I really though that meant he just did not like me. The thing was that he just hated things like that, which he still does to this day. After that we still continued to flirt at work all the time. For a year we did this without ever going out. We both really liked each other, but were both too scared to actually tell the other one, and also scared about the fact that we worked together. FINALLY one day we were working and he asked me out to eat. I was ECSTATIC! It was the absolute best day of my life.I was so nervous and excited. I thought I was actually going to faint! Which leads me to our first date…”
First Date.
“Our first date was to Rosie’s Mexican Cantina in Huntsville, Alabama. I had never been there and he said I NEEDED to go because I was missing out on life. It was amazing I must admit! We did not shut up the whole time. I tend to talk a lot when I get nervous! I actually remember the waiter coming to the table like 6 times to get our order and I was never ready because I had been talking so much that I could not read the menu.. lol… Anyways after we came back to Cullman, we went to his cousin’s house. When we arrived it was just a bunch of people hanging out. I was meeting all of these new people that he knew and having a good time. Then my phone died. I lost track of time and it was the middle of the night. My family was worried and did not know where I was. I am over here thinking this is no big deal, but apparently my teenage self was wrong! The worst part was that we had not told his parents we were going out, because they were our bosses and we wanted to make sure it would work first. My parents called his house and left a message on his parents answering machine! By the time I got my phone charged up in the car I was SOOO embarrassed. I just ended up going home humiliated. I thought he would think I had a psycho family and never speak to me again, because I mean who wants to date someone with a crazy family?! It actually took him almost two weeks to ask me out again. It was the worst! But we eventually went out again and have been together ever since.”
” We have been through tough times. We were engaged after being together for 4 months and almost got married, but called it off 2 weeks before the wedding. It was a hard time, but we made it through stronger than ever. It took a while, but we did it. We were both super young and immature and we just rushed into it. I will say to this day that it was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. We have been together for 5 years now and are happier than ever!”
The Proposal
” This part is actually a little bit embarrassing, but something we will never forget! It just was not one of those super romantic proposals that you see in movies, but you know it worked for us. Neither of us like to be in those super awkward situations so I think he just wanted to get it over with. It was Christmas Eve of 2015. I had been at my grandparents house eating and he had been at work and then went home to see our fur children (we hate leaving them by themselves). He called me and asked me when I was coming home, which I thought was odd because he usually does not rush me to get home. So I left. When I got home I was locked out and when he finally came to open the door he had this nervous smile on his face. He kept asking if I saw Dozer’s (our younger fur baby) new collar. I looked over and was like “yeah? It is pretty.” He was like “no! did you really look at it?” I was like “Kaleb. I see it! Why do you keep asking me this!?” He was just like ”Did you see his cool name plate? Just look at it.” Finally I thought something was up so I just gave up and went to go look at it, but it was about that time that Dozer started running around the room like a crazy person biting at the air. It turns out that Kaleb actually tied my engagement ring to his new collar and when he finally felt it, he freaked out! It really was hilarious! When we finally got Dozer calmed down Kaleb got it and handed it to me. I kept saying, “Is this for real? Is this a joke? are you serious?” He said “yes.” Then he was asking what my answer was and I was like, “you did not ask me anything!” lol.. so he asked and I of course said yes! I honestly do not think that is how Kaleb had it planned out in his head, but that is how it turned out. And what can I say… In all its craziness, mishaps, and overall unpreparedness, it was and will always be unforgettable! “
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Kaleb and Mariah had their wedding at Top of the Town in Cullman, Alabama. It was so beautifully decorated! The altar was absolutely beautiful and it gave a romantic feel! The ceremony was the quickest I have ever photographed! Within 10 minutes ( more or less, it was quick!) they were pronounced Husband and wife! The bride had a little dance as she walked and the groom had the biggest smile as they exited the room!

It was such a beautiful day for a wedding! We had the first look and most of the formal pictures at a little park close by to the wedding location. It was very bright and sunny outside and it got very windy at times. We couldn’t find shade at the park but we ended up finding a beautiful tree that had bloomed with petals laying all around it. It was the perfect spot!


I always feel honored when someone chooses me to be their photographer! Thank you Mr & Mrs McSwain for trusting me with capturing your big day! It was truly beautiful and you two were so easy going and so much fun! May God bless your marriage and future together!


“But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.” For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”
Mark 10:6-9

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