Burrow Wedding – Garden City, AL

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Brittany and Keke had a small ceremony in my personal favourite church, First Baptist of Garden City! The small church was a full house filled with close friends and family. The ceremony was short, sweet and full of love and laughs! I really enjoyed capturing these two! You can just see how much fun they are and how great their love is through these images!

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I love knowing my client’s love stories of how they met, how long they’ve been together and how they got engaged, so here it is as told by Brittany!

At the time my best friend was dating a guy,and of course 16 year old girls are always together.Keke was friends with the guy and we always hung out together. Keke was always quiet when I was around. Everyone was always saying how funny keke was,but I never seen it. Like I said he hardly talked when I was around,but he was always looking at me and smiling.” 

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“One day I was talking to my bf and made a comment that I thought he was crazy because he was was always staring at me. She then informed me that she thought he may like me. I was so confused ,you could call it being naive. I asked his friend who confirmed that he did like me. I was very hesitant to talk to keke because he was not my type ( or so I thought ).”

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“We eventually started talking. One day he called me and informed me that I was his girl…. I just laughed and was like okay. To make a long story short we have been together ever since. We are inseparable. We have been together since 2006 ,10 years. So what they say must be true, ‘Time flies when you are having fun.’ “

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“It’s funny because we were never officially engaged. We were sitting down having a heart to heart talk about life and I said let’s get married. He was speechless at first because he had mentioned marriage on many occasions and of course I never took him serious. He then looked at me and said about time. We got married 2 months later.”

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“We are complete opposites and I guess that is why we work ‘ opposites attract ‘…”

– Brittany Burrow

Thank you Mr & Mrs Burrow for choosing me to capture your love!

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