Gunner’s Announcement

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I was super excited to have the privilege to put together this baby announcement! I of course let the family announce it first a couple of weeks ago.
I have met Josh and Morgan Brewer through the local community Fall fest event and my husband and I have developed a friendship with them the past year! The Brewers are a part of First Baptist Hanceville, who we have started to joke around and call our ‘alliance’. Our youth group’s have come together for a lock in and plan on doing it twice more this year. Josh and I also sponsor the local highschool’s First Priority every thursday morning. I cannot even express enough how great it is to be able to team up with another church and to be able to work together towards the ultimate goal of introducing students to Jesus!

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During filming, we wanted the focus to be more on Gunner ( the dog ). Gunner was so happy about being able to run around without a leash so it wasn’t easy when it came to trying to get some shots of him sitting still.

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Everything turned out so cute and everyone seems to be very pleased with the result of the video!

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