Wisteria Wonderland

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I just had to share this before my ridiculous excitement escapes me! I LOVE WISTERIA flowers! Yes they are vines that can quickly overtake everything, but if we had any in our yard, they are more then welcome to overtake our porches and trees! The SMELL, oh the sweet smell! If I get to choose what heaven smelt like, it would be like a wisteria plant!

We had less than 10 minutes until the sun would set behind the trees! We quickly got my daughter’s clothes together and drove what felt like the longest 2 minutes of my life ( I was so worried about missing the sunset) to the MOST BLESSED owner of the Wisteria wonderland! It was just wrapped around trees, creating the most beautiful arches, a location perfect for a small fairy tale wedding ceremony! I also imagine a little tea party underneath it or a couple having a picnic! Just so BEAUTIFUL! I know you are all probably thinking I am over exaggerating, believe me I am not! You just have to see it for yourself!

I was in Wisteria Wonderland! I couldn’t stop being in awe! I was in every photographer’s dream location! My husband helped keep our little girl in a good mood with bubbles and dandelions while my camera was in non-stop shooting mode! I didn’t get a good smile for the camera, but I got the shots I needed to satisfy me for the night!

Here are a few sneak peeks!IMG_1149-2IMG_1165-2IMG_1351-2IMG_1286lightoverlay3dehaze-2 copyIMG_1306lightoverlay3dehaze-2 copyIMG_1293lightoverlay3Dehaze-2 copy

Do you believe me now? And I only used a small area of the yard! Now you can dream Wisteria dreams for the rest of the week! Happy Spring!

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