Meet Kalyn & Levi!

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Everyone meet Kalyn Spain and Levi Tyree, my June 11th bride and groom! I asked Kalyn where they met, how long they’ve been dating and how did Levi propose! Here is their story!




” We had actually known of each other since we were kids. We went to a small school where everyone knows everyone. But we had never talked to each other until my senior year of high school in 2012. We were at a mutual friends house with some other people and we just got to talking and have talked everyday since then! “



” We have now been together 4 years but when he proposed it was 3 years. “


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” We had just moved in together right before he proposed. He kept going in and out of the house.
We had some left over food that needed to be thrown out so he came in and said you think I should go throw this food out and I said yes. I guess he just wanted an excuse to go outside and me not wonder what was going on! ”




” It took him probably 15-20 minutes and I was starting to wonder what was taking so long and then he opened the door and asked me to come help him outside. I said yes but in my head I was thinking why does he need help throwing out left overs! “




” When I got to the door he was on his knee in the center of a circle of candles on the back porch. I just stood at the door and stared at him for what felt like a minute! “





” Then I finally opened the door and walked out and he asked me to marry him! He had set his phone up on the porch railing and recorded the whole thing! “
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It was the end of February when we shot this session but it did not feel like winter at all! It was such a beautiful day! Not only did we have a perfect location, Kalyn and Levi were so natural in front of the camera and are such an adorable couple so I definitely enjoyed this whole engagement session!


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During their session I also shot some video footage. I will be doing this for all my Bride and grooms who choose the Premier 1 Wedding Collections! The next time I will have a 2nd camera set up just for shooting videos and a tripod to make it easier on me! I hope to one day have someone else video the whole session while I shoot! As for now, I hope you enjoy the video I put together of Kalyn and Levi!


Engaged – Levi & Kalyn from Kat Parker on Vimeo.


Kalyn and Levi will be having a 1920’s themed Wedding so I am so excited to dress the part and capture their big day! It won’t be long till June11th will be here!

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