To the dad who brought his daughter to a photo session


To the dad who brought his daughter to a photo session per the request of his wife. That is a big deal. For you to make time on your day off work to make sure your wife gets her request, and without any complaint, that is LOVE.

For you to request to have a quick shot of you and your daughter having your first tea party, is the sweetest words I’ve ever heard. A father that will get down on his daughter’s level to play with teacups and all things girly displays not only how a father should be, but how a real man should be. A father isn’t only needed as a strong protector, but is also needed to be loving, sensitive, caring and kind. He is also needed to be available to his children, emotionally. Knowing that it’s not considered a very manly act, but that doesn’t stop you, is what every child needs.

You taught your daughter how to ‘pretend’ pour tea in a teacup which brought a smile to her face and a sweet giggle that will melt your heart. To you it’s just a fun pretend game, but It’s a big deal not just to your daughter who got to play with her daddy and who will one day cherish these images, but to your wife who got to witness this.

I am so thankful that I am your wife and you are my daughter’s father! I am so glad that my daughter has a father that can give her the love and attention she needs. If I knew that you had wanted to do this, I would have planned for you to wear a button up shirt and a bow tie. But the fact that this was unplanned, makes me cherish this moment even more! Thanks for being the best daddy to my little girl! I love you!

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 “As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him.” Psalms 103:13


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