The amateur photographer


_MG_2487-2I’ve always  been pretty much a self-taught photographer. I have only been to one Wedding Photography class/workshop on my 2nd year of building my photography portfolio only because a friend who believed in me paid for it. He was so determined for me to go to this class and it was the best thing to happen to my photography journey. I felt like I didn’t learn much about the wedding photography side as much as I learned about my camera! Being surrounded by other new photographers, we were all there to help each other. That’s when I learned how to shoot in manual mode instead of the silly automatic! I had learned to tell my camera what to do instead of the camera just guessing what I need when I click the button. I remember when I first started out and was shooting in automatic, my built in camera flash would randomly pop up during a session and I would have to block the flash with my hands during shooting! Talk about Amateur hour! I have learnt so much since then!
The reason why I am wanting to share this is because I came into a realization since I rebranded my business. I have always said that I had no-one to look up to, to mentor me, to ask for help when it came to photography. I have made so many rookie mistakes that could have been avoided if I had someone to help me out.
Well my realization came about after watching my favourite photographers teaching through Creative Live. The internet is such a great tool for learning! Youtube has so many videos that work just as great as going to a workshop! I feel like I wasted so many years learning from my mistakes, going through hard times, when all along I could have had all this knowledge that I know now, sooner! I just want to go back 5 years and give the amateur me a slap on the head!
I could have saved myself so much headache and heartache if I just searched for the information instead of trying to figure it out for myself. I guess that was a part of my amateur pride where you think you’re pretty good and you’ve got this! I have just been filling myself with so much knew knowledge here lately, that I wish I knew years ago! But it’s not good to focus on regret, all I can do is move forward and I am so excited to put into practice what I have learned! I feel like a baby photographer again! I am so excited to offer my clients so much more, especially to my bride and grooms!
My wonderful husband did pay for my whole course with New York Institute of Photography when I first got my dslr. But it seemed so old school to me and I am the kind of person who has a hard time sitting and reading and doing an assignment without a deadline. I have the hardest time concentrating on my own. I am the type of person who prefers to physically see a teacher and I learn faster if it was hands on. I have experienced that type of learning in my high school and the ACE program just didn’t work for me. My brain is just wired differently. So the NYIP books and cds are all still in their packages except for the first lesson. I know that’s so terrible, but I just had the worst time getting into it! If I knew the style of learning was that way, we could have invested that money towards workshops instead of workbooks.
To the new photographers out there, don’t make the same mistakes I have made! If you need the details and specifics of those rookie mistakes I made, feel free to email me! I will gladly tell you! If you are broke like I was, workshops were not in my budget, but there are so many free learning resources online! Learn what you need to know now before you dive into the business side of photography!
God bless!

<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

THANK YOU Brooke with Brooke Sivley Photography for taking my head shot this afternoon! It’s my very first head shot. I had to wear a ton of Younique 3D fiber lashes so I could look like I even have any eye lashes!( PURCHASE YOUR OWN :  )Below are a couple of shots I took this morning of my daughter. As you can see she has GORGEOUS natural eye lashes that she got from her dad’s side.