Kat in the RAW – First BLOG!


Hello everyone!
I woke up soooo refreshed this morning! My daughter slept all night! I have not felt well rested in who knows how long! So this feels so strange, but so good! So since I am feeling great and my daughter is currently occupied with her Bible stories on TV, I thought this would be a good time to write my FIRST BLOG!
The desire to start blogging or vlogging has really hit me these past few weeks, along with a desire to rebrand my photography business. It’s been a rough year trying to juggle family time, daily household responsibilities, our Youth ministry at First Baptist of Garden city and my photography business. Because of how precious my time is with my family, it finally hit me that my job is taking way too much time away from what truly is important. I started feeling discouraged and extremely overwhelmed with the work load. I finally calculated how much time I am spending editing and how much I made. After taxes and expenses, I am not even making minimum wage! I always knew that I wasn’t making much profit, but I was so determined that being ‘affordable’ to all families with different incomes was more important than what I really wanted!
I had a few breaking points last week that finally pushed me to make a change. I never thought I would ever purchase a website. I felt like it’s just another thing that will keep me busier! After watching pep talk videos from several successful photographers, I knew that a website would be important if I wanted to make the change! So what is this “CHANGE” that I’m longing for?
BALANCE. My word of the year is balance. This is an idea that I have gotten from a friend. I want my life to feel balanced. I don’t like feeling so busy and overwhelmed all the time! I want God to be my first priority. I want to be a work at home mum that is able to spend the time my daughter needs with me.I want to be a wife to my husband of almost 9 years, and let him feel that he is still an important priority to me. I want to be able to focus on our Youth ministry without feeling like I am struggling to make time for it. I want God to be able to use Jeff and I to our full potential so we can help these teenagers find God and live the life He desires of them. Lastly, I want my photography business to not feel like a job. Photography will always be my passion, but when you are working so hard, especially late nights editing and it only feels like you’re making pennies instead of dollars, then you get burned out.
I want to look more professional ( I think a website helps :p ). I want to be able to focus more on my clients and give them the best products they deserve! I raised my prices because I needed my work to feel like it’s worth all the time I put into it.  I could have raised it higher but there’s still a part of me holding back just a little. I want my clients to feel like they just made a great investment in me. [ Quick Edit: if you are confused, raising prices usually cuts down the ones who only want to hire you for your cheap price, not necessarily for your style or work. So it will lead to less work but the same pay or more pay , which is my goal for this whole ‘change’. I hope that makes sense. The website hopefully makes me look more professional, and attracts the clients that want to hire me for my style and work. ]
I am constantly wanting to learn to get better and better. I never want to feel like I am done learning or am comfortable with where I am at. I want to strive to be the best at what I do! God has blessed me with the best clients, and without you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today! THANK YOU for that! This has truly been a dream come true! I hope that you will all continue to follow me on here as I share my journey as a new mum, Youth Pastor’s wife and photographer. As important it is to shoot in RAW as a photographer, I also feel it is important for me to be truly open, unedited and raw on here. Please feel free to share anything I post and to email me if you have any questions of any sort!

Thank you for reading! God Bless you!

<3 Always,
KatParker xoxo

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

IMG_9302Fruit,Turkey bacon, some lucky charms cereal ( She only ate the marshmellows) for breakfast and Bible stories on TV.IMG_9322Cheesin’!IMG_9323Stretch!IMG_9324Of course it’s not really a morning with a toddler without food spread all over the floor. Thank you Ellie!